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SNOG 1st attempt

Posted: October 14, 2011 by Mj in Reviews
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Last night we ( me and my friend ) passed by SNOG at “Souq Sharq” to try it out since everyone is talking about how good it is !


The decoration was nice & funky specially the lighting system !


Their frozen yogurt is free of sugar and fat + gelatin ( as their pack said )


They got 6 flavors of frozen yogurt


And they have a wide collection of toppings


I decide to taste all of their flavors and they were good specially  the “Pink Guava” flavor


I ordered a mix of “Mango and “Pink Guava” flavor in the classic size ( minimum size for a mix flavors )


they gave us this card which they stamp on for each SNOG we bought 🙂


Extra :

They are opening a new branch soon in “Marina mall” next to “X-Cite”


My first attempt at Burger Box

Posted: October 12, 2011 by Mj in Reviews
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Last night I went to “BurgerBox” to try it out , the place was very tiny and most customers were ordering from their cars .


I took a quick look at their menu then I ordered “Pyramid Mushroom Beef Burger” , the burger was made from a fresh beef and u can see the whole cooking process from their opened kitchen.


It took a several minutes till the order was done , the package was so nice and all the food was tied up in a very good way .



Let’s come to the taste
Drum Dam …….
The burger was very light and juicy ,the taste in the other hand was close to “Kofta” more than a burger but overall it was good !